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Tessellation Madness

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High Student Engagement

It is amazing to see how glued to the computers the students become as they complete the various Quests within Gamestar Mechanic.

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Game Based Learning

Students get to play games like Musical Chairs, Red Light/Green Light, Hop Scotch and Rock Paper Scissors to learn the basics of game design.

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Easy navigation and sequenced lessons of game design @GamestarMech

Students play/learn levels on a Quest, Manage their games in the Workshop and Play games of their classmates in the Game Alley.

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Play It! Learn It! Beat It! Earn It!

Gamestar Mechanic is set up so that the students play a level, learn game design, earn rewards to put in their own game and their share their game.

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Games on Tessellations and Patterns

Search through the tags for student name, class or Tessellation/Pattern to learn about art while you play.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welcome to the Gaming Site!

Listed below you will be able to find a collection of video games that my 2nd block students created.

If you look at the links on the right side of the page, you can learn more about Tessellations, and games from other classes such as the 6th graders and their unique patterns that they included into their own video game.

If you are interested on creating your very own video game, try to create your own FREE account by visiting the web site of Gamestar Mechanic where you can learn about game design and play other video games made by students around the world

Hannah R's Shoot People

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wesley J's Anti-Game Mechanics

Logan K's Be Quick

Tyler D's Crazed

Jacob P's Bob

Juventino A's 10 Times In A Row

Joey P's The Tests

Morgan W's Have Funnnn!

Max R's Night and Space of Swag

Cody J's Mirror? Or Not?

Andol J's Game

Haley V's Clean Slate

Hughes' Clean Slate

Adriana's Mindless Rage of Crazy

Stephanie S's Clean Slate

Ben P's Death

Mirella's The Tuff Land

Nahzeek T's Mario City

Eric Z's Pattern Swirls

Jolene's Pudding

Cassandra S's Land and Air

Finley's Earth Bound

Skylar L's Death Game

Josh H's New Game

Justice D's Coin Danger

Kevin B's You Will Die

Jameson's Blaster Mayhem

Krysta S's Krysta's Game (yeah, that's what she called it!)

Charlotte W's Death Turn

Tyler D's Clean Slate

Skylar V's Pattern World

Hannah W's Beat That!!!

Erik J's Tessellations

Daisy K's Easy

Melissa S Peace Meadows

Matt D's You Will Die

Jordan R's RTFGTE

Randy B's Incredible Game

Skylar L's Flying Bad Guys

Skylar L's Death Jump

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Natasha M's Clean Slate

Noah J testellation

MicKenna's Adventures of Questions

Adam P's Karakuri Madness

Michaela's Just Jump

Logan L's Unbeatable Game


Ondria's Clean Slate Game

Hunter S

Try Me If You Dare

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Sunday, May 8, 2011

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Saturday, May 7, 2011